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Matthew Goode Looking

31 Dec

I fell in love with him in Chasing Liberty than I followed him to Copying Beethoven. This gorgeous man never fails me, all of his movies are good or probably it is because he is one of those few good actors out there next to Hugh Jackman. Not only he talented, gorgeous, he is also witty and smart with an accent that goes with it. I once dated a guy that was a knockoff version of him but just like all knockoffs…it is just not the same. I introduce to you Matthew Goode.

The goode thing is that he is straight and not so goode thing is that he is taken (go figure, the good ones are either taken, gay, or jerks). Wondering why he looks familiar? It is because you might of seen him in movies such as: Match Point, The Lookout, and The Watchmen where he played Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt). He is now currently in the romantic-comedy Leap Year where he plays a sexy cynical Irish Innkeeper Declan. Will I watch it in the movie theater? Probably, if anyone is willing to go with me. Will I watch it on DVD? Hell to the YES!


Sedona, Arizona

31 Dec

When I arrived at our final destination, I was quickly reminded by the welcoming of the 20° whether is to why we live in California and why we pay for all those taxes. The next morning it was reported that the Grand Canyon last night was 6°; yes, there is no number in front nor after that six. Everything was different in Arizona. In the news they warned locals about shooting their guns during New Year’s Eve, in California we warn locals about alcohol. Which one would you choose guns or alcohol? No good can come with the combination of both. Over there the number one main constant report on fraud are cults and sweat lodges. Here insurance and healthrelated fraud. It amazes me how we are supposedly a nation but every state feels like a foreign country.

Wondering why those mountains are so red? It is because before there was a river that used to ran through there and with it came minerals, mostly iron. So what happens when iron makes contact with air? It creates rust and the mountains are composed with sediments meaning they are really soft and if there was an earthquake (which will never happen because there is no seismic energy within the area) all the mountains can easily fall into dust and the town of Sedona will become the Atlantis of the Southwest. So basically you are looking at some rusty sedimentary mountains.

First Stop Vegas…Next Stop Sedona

31 Dec

Over the past weekend I went on a mini road trip from Las Vegas to Sedona with my family. While I was in Vegas I checked out the new casino Aria which is located in City Center. Within this metropolis nestles great chocolate and couture. I am sure there were great clubs and lounges in there, but to me those where the two important things.

For a minute I thought I was in chocolate nirvana because it had everything that I ever wanted in my house. A gelato station, a crepe station, espresso station, gourmet sandwich station, pastry and dessert station, macaroons available at your command, and loads of chocolate. I could stay there all day and night if I had the chance. This chocolate boutique named after French Executive Pastry Chef Jean Philippe, lived up to my expectations. It pass one of the most important test in the world of culinary, the whip cream. It did not come out of a Reddi Whip can, it was homemade and you can tell because of the texture and the soft, airy taste. It was hard for me to leave chocolate heaven until my aunt informs me about the mall of couture that lies ahead. Of course in true Mary A. Arrabaca fashion, when one wants to take a picture of me I can’t help to strike a pose.

Dunhill Spring/Summer 2010

28 Dec

Why can’t men dress more like this in the daily basis?

Bottega Veneta Men’s Spring/Summer 2010

28 Dec

When looking at all the different designers for the men’s fashion, I have noticed that the trends for spring and summer are skirts and dry colors. When I saw Thomas Maier’s collection it was nice shot of fresh air like Carolina Herrera’s spring and summer collection. He played with colors from both ends of the spectrum and he also made his collection very gender friendly.

Merry Christmas!!!!

25 Dec

Crash Course on the ‘Jersey Shore’ Hairdo

23 Dec

For those who are curious how Pauly D does his spiky hair and wondering does it really take 20 minutes to do his hair? I know I do. Well here is a video that provide all of the answers to those questions.

I saw one or two of the Gotti boys doing their hair like this in one of the episodes but not in great detail.

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