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Cruz Beckham Birthday Enterance

25 Feb
Is me or does this kid know how to make an entrance or what?! Well it’s his birthday and he can do whatever he wants to.

That's how you make a birthday entrance


Such a fashionisto


For some reason Brooklyn always gave me a Prince William vibe


You know they’re Victoria’s kids because they know how to make a fashion statement. It’s rare to find kids their age looking fresh.


The Better Version Of Wall Street 2 Trailer

25 Feb

I finally found it.

Iron Man 2 Trailer

25 Feb

Adding this one on the list

The Buried Life

23 Feb

I’m so glad that No Reservations is not coming back until next monday because…I can finally just focus on watching my new addiction, The Buried Life. For those who don’t know the synopsis of the show, it is basically about these four 20 something year old Canadians who asked themselves 3 or 4 years ago, what would they want to do before they die? So they came up with this long bucket list and every time they accomplish one the items in their list they would help a stranger cross one off of their list.

I think what these guys are doing is awesome and teaching all of us that dreams do come true. At the same time it helps us evaluate what we actually want to do before we clock out. When I first watched the first episode, I realized that our time on Earth is very limited and the future is just nothing but an unmade promise that we ourselves don’t even know what is actually ahead of us. People say that death is unexpected and darn sure they’re right.

These four men are an inspiration and reminds us even though there are rough patch down the road, do not be afraid to dream and make them come true. Most importantly the impossible can always turn out to be the possible.

So I asked myself the same question and I am sure that many of you asked yourself after watching or even heard about the show. What would I want to do before I die? I thought about it long and hard. Well here is my list in progress:

  1. Milk a cow
  2. Spend a whole day or two with Victoria Beckham and I mean not one of those take one your fan specials type of thing. I mean a day where it was like we where long time friends that haven’t seen each other for a long time and we’re just catching up.
  3. Go to New York, London, Milan,and Paris Fashion Week and I would be seating in the front row.
  4. Have enough money to donate or sponsor for Women For Women International.
  5. Got to a Roma game in Stadio Olimpico seating in Curva Sud or better yet go to a Roma game and witness them beat Inter Milan!!!
  6. Go to a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium
  7. Be a guest in No Reservations or just hang out with Anthony Bourdan and eat.
  8. Go to World Cup and Euro Cup final
  9. Meet the Italian and Spanish national soccer team
  10. Experience a Moari Powhiri ceremony
  11. Ride in a real submarine (Disneyland’s Finding Nemo Submarine ride does not count)
  12. Visit the actual site where the Valentines Day Massacre took place
  13. Witness my dad winning the Lotto
  14. Be a stylist and have my name in a photo spread
  15. Have an article written about me in a fashion magazine. I good article not a bad one that will ruin my name.
  16. Go to the Wendy Williams Show and do the opening or even be the guest because either way I can still say ‘how you doin’.
  17. Have Fran Drescher speak to me
  18. Host a special event for cancer kids from all hospitals
  19. Meet David Bowie along with Iman. I can’t say I want to meet Hugh Jackman because I know that I would not be able to control myself to the point that I would look like Backstreet Boys/Nsync fan circa 1999.
  20. Go to Django Reinhardt Festival
  21. Go to Venice, Italy than Florence
  22. Visit Montmartre, which is a hill located in Paris where many of my favorite artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Toulouse-Lautrec had lived and had their studios.
  23. Okay, it is not like me to get all mushy gushy and even act all soft. But anyone who knows me this next one on the list will shock you. So here we go…before I die I would like to meet the love of my life and I mean the kind of love that people talk about. The kind of love that Victoria and David, my mom and dad has. Oh my gosh that was actually hard for me to type that. Talk about a hard exterior. So if anyone of you who I previously dated and you think you might me the one, hit me up.
  24. Meet Paul Simonon and have him play “Guns of Brixton”
  25. Go to Chicago’s Jazz Fest
  26. Meet RuPaul and probably be a guest judge on Drag Race
  27. Go into a European supermarket. I heard their supermarket is completely different from ours
  28. Travel all around the world, mostly to female friendly countries (like that’s possible)
  29. Watch an old black and white movie in a movie theater
  30. Reenact “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” scene from The Sound Of Music.
  31. Play with beluga whales.
  32. Go on a date with Mirko Vucinic if not; go on a date with Fernando Llorente; if not, next up is Aksel Svindal. I know, what about Matthew Goode and Hugh Jackman? Yeah, I can’t Matthew has a child and a girlfriend. Hughy has 2 kids and a wife. It wouldn’t be the same.

Well that is all I can think of for now. So take a moment and think, what would you want to do before you die?

Norwegian Skiers Tribute To Micheal Jackson

22 Feb

Yes, one of those skiers is Aksel Svindal.

My Boys Are Back!!!

22 Feb

Sitting in the top 2 in Serie A where they belong. Yesterday against Catania, Mirko Vucinic made sure that the number 2 spot is secure. Keep making me proud my loves. 

I wish that the US show more of soccer instead of a sniblet from here to there.

From Canada With Love

22 Feb

While I was watching the Roma match against Catania yesterday. I was checking my email and I was surprise that my aunt that lives over yonder in Canada sent me an email. She was shopping at Staples in Canada and she came across a purse Post it dispenser and a shoe tape dispenser and immediately thought about me. She told me if I were there she would’ve bought it for me. Well, I guess we all know who her favorite niece is…me…hehe.


  1. Auntie if your reading this, you can always ship. I don’t mind receiving presents.
  2. I want to give a shout out to all the Canadians out there and you guys have a beautiful country.
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