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Allure’s 20th Anniversary Cover

21 Feb

Matthew Goode talks to Lynn Hirschberg of (07/25/2008)

17 Feb

My favorite Matthew Goode interview EVER!!!

“(smooch) I miss you”. Lol, I miss wine too.

Matthew Goode On Ellen

19 Jan

Dont’ worry ladies he is NOT married…trust me.

Leap Year

9 Jan

Remember from a earlier post how I said I wouldn’t watch Leap Year at the theater unless someone would go with me? Well I found someone who would go with me, my lovely cousin Ana. We watch the movie just yesterday before we went to BJ’s. I am not really a big fan of romantic-comedies because I think the majority of them are so cheesy and…well…stupid. But this movie……it’s a far cry from all the cheesiness that comes from all patterns of romantic-comedies. The movie was funny and it was nice to see Matthew Goode. I also liked how the movie depicts how most of us are label obsess and how the materialistic has taken over and make us depreciate the real value of life. I know I’m guilty of this but thanks to Matthew Goode he helped me realize this problem. So go and watch this movie it is worth every penny.

Matthew Goode Looking

31 Dec

I fell in love with him in Chasing Liberty than I followed him to Copying Beethoven. This gorgeous man never fails me, all of his movies are good or probably it is because he is one of those few good actors out there next to Hugh Jackman. Not only he talented, gorgeous, he is also witty and smart with an accent that goes with it. I once dated a guy that was a knockoff version of him but just like all knockoffs…it is just not the same. I introduce to you Matthew Goode.

The goode thing is that he is straight and not so goode thing is that he is taken (go figure, the good ones are either taken, gay, or jerks). Wondering why he looks familiar? It is because you might of seen him in movies such as: Match Point, The Lookout, and The Watchmen where he played Ozymandias (Adrian Veidt). He is now currently in the romantic-comedy Leap Year where he plays a sexy cynical Irish Innkeeper Declan. Will I watch it in the movie theater? Probably, if anyone is willing to go with me. Will I watch it on DVD? Hell to the YES!

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