Yo Guess What I Found Out

22 Dec

Happy that your still alive

With all this falling stars it was nice to know that one star is still secretly shining. Who might you ask? Well the one and only Horace Silver who is 81 years old and still living! I know I was suprise myself. For those who don’t know who Horace Silver is, he is basically one of the best jazz artist who to part of the birth of hard bop. What is hard hop you say…hard bop is basically the extension of bebop jazz that consist of incorporation of rhythm and blues, gospel, blues, saxophone, and piano. Anyways, back to Horace Silver he was one of the Blue Note artist who was best known by his song from 1964 , which is one of my favorite jazz pieces, “Song For My Father”, in Portuguese Cantiga Para Meu Pai.  The story of the birth of this song was when Horace took a trip to Brazil and the Portuguese influence comes from his father whom he wrote the song for. If you haven’t heard the song well lucky for you I found it on youtube.

If the beginning sounds a little bit familiar to you and you can’t quite put your finger on it. It is actually from the beginning of Steely Dan’s song “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number“. Steely Dan is actually a big fan of jazz that they sometimes would incorporate some jazz compositions in the beginning of their songs such as the beginning of Miles Davis’s “So What“.  Please note that the album cover in the video is not Horace Silver, it is actually is father whom once again the song is actually written for.

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