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Farewell Mr. Cunningham

19 Oct

October 1, 1927 – October 19, 2010

Tom Bosley, whom we all love from Happy Days as Mr. Cunningham, has died today at 4:00 am at a hospital near his humble abode in Palm Springs, California due to heart failure.  He was only 83 years old and had been battling lung cancer. Mr. Cunningham just celebrated his birthday on October 1st. He will always be known as our beloved Mr. Cunningham that gave the Fonzie a roof over his head.  You will be miss Mr. Bosely and our prayers and condolences goes out to your family and friends.

How did Arthur Fonzarelli ended up living with the Cunningham’s? Also…Yanks your pissing me off and ARod you’re too much of a pretty boy to an athlete.


Alexander McQueen Women’s Resort 2011

17 Oct

Alexander McQueen Women’s Spring/Summer 2011

17 Oct

Alexander McQueen Men’s Spring/Summer 2011

17 Oct

I See London I See France I See Mirko’s Under Pants

16 Oct

During the 66th minute of the  2012 Euro Cup Qualifying match against Switzerland, Montenegrin Captain Vucinic could not compose himself after scoring the first goal for his country. This is not the first time he did this. Well, actually the shorts over the head thing was a first, but running around in his tighty whities isn’t. According to Sport Center it is the #1 “Not Top 10 Plays,” but to be honest, a little celebration run around is not something you judge on for a player’s ability to help his team win. More than anything they should be focus on Mirko’s goal that would have been considered to be in the #1 spot of the “Top 10 Plays” not his tighty whities celebration goal.

Don’t worry Mirko your celebration is #1 in my book because I know that when you take off your shorts after scoring a goal, it means the goal is very important.

Behind The Cheesy Cheese Balls

16 Oct

Cheesy Cheese Balls

16 Oct

First of all, love love LOVE both covers…but….

The title of the article is so fucking cheesy. “Victoria’s Secerets,” gee I wonder how many people used that title for anything Victoria Beckham related. The only life line that this article had are the pictures and the couture.

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