First Stop Vegas…Next Stop Sedona

31 Dec

Over the past weekend I went on a mini road trip from Las Vegas to Sedona with my family. While I was in Vegas I checked out the new casino Aria which is located in City Center. Within this metropolis nestles great chocolate and couture. I am sure there were great clubs and lounges in there, but to me those where the two important things.

For a minute I thought I was in chocolate nirvana because it had everything that I ever wanted in my house. A gelato station, a crepe station, espresso station, gourmet sandwich station, pastry and dessert station, macaroons available at your command, and loads of chocolate. I could stay there all day and night if I had the chance. This chocolate boutique named after French Executive Pastry Chef Jean Philippe, lived up to my expectations. It pass one of the most important test in the world of culinary, the whip cream. It did not come out of a Reddi Whip can, it was homemade and you can tell because of the texture and the soft, airy taste. It was hard for me to leave chocolate heaven until my aunt informs me about the mall of couture that lies ahead. Of course in true Mary A. Arrabaca fashion, when one wants to take a picture of me I can’t help to strike a pose.


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