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Roma 2- Udinese 1

9 Apr

I know I know, I haven’t talked about Roma but you got to admit they have been in really bad shape. Just found out that Mexes is leaving and going to Milan within the end of the season (not that he really matters). But you have to understand; every time I have to write a sad Roma news it would be like stabbing my own heart. I mean for crying out loud they are in 6th place in Serie A. We need our Romans to be back in 1st place where they righteously belong. Per favore, Roma tornare alla vita!


I See London I See France I See Mirko’s Under Pants

16 Oct

During the 66th minute of the  2012 Euro Cup Qualifying match against Switzerland, Montenegrin Captain Vucinic could not compose himself after scoring the first goal for his country. This is not the first time he did this. Well, actually the shorts over the head thing was a first, but running around in his tighty whities isn’t. According to Sport Center it is the #1 “Not Top 10 Plays,” but to be honest, a little celebration run around is not something you judge on for a player’s ability to help his team win. More than anything they should be focus on Mirko’s goal that would have been considered to be in the #1 spot of the “Top 10 Plays” not his tighty whities celebration goal.

Don’t worry Mirko your celebration is #1 in my book because I know that when you take off your shorts after scoring a goal, it means the goal is very important.

Срећан 27. рођендан Мирка! (Happy 27th Birthday Mirko!)

1 Oct

Today the Roma’s sexy talented Striker is turning 27 today!

One of my favorite Mirko moments and you’ll see why.

Hold up!

I guess there goes my chance…womp womp.

Happy Belated Roman Birthday

31 Aug

I know, know I have Roma M.I.A. but I’m back. So with that said happy belated birthday to:

Iker Just Can’t Help Himself

12 Jul

Can you blam him? He just won the World Cup and his girlfriend is hot.

A Team Has Been Crowned The Greatest of Them All and It’s SPAIN!!!

12 Jul

Finally a team has been crowned as world champions and its my sexy Spaniards.  I must say that they deserve it and there is no argument against that even if you are Dutch decent. History has been made on Sunday July 11th. Both Spain and Netherlands has never won a World Cup. On top of that Spain is the first team to lose their first game and win the World Cup. Which is opposite of Netherland who won every game but lost the last game. But thanks to Iniesta who scored in the ‘116 minute to make Spain the Champions of 2010. Now Spain is both Euro Cup champs and World Cup champs.

As for Germany, its been deja vu for them. During the semifinals against Spain it was 0-1 and they won third place for the 2nd time in a row at the World Cup. Well, all I got to say is…at least they stayed focus for the last four years unlike some teams.

Sexy Spaniards 1-Ronaldo 0

30 Jun

Yesterday Spain beat Portugal 1-0 and after the game Ronaldo gave me another reason why I do not like his arrogant ass. Watch below:

On top of that in an interview in BBC he claims: 
“I feel a broken man, completely disconsolate, frustrated and an unimaginable sadness. … I am a human being and like any human being I suffer and I have the right to suffer alone.”

On top of that emo statement that he made; he claimed that the reason for his alienation is because of coach Carlos Queiroz. He states,”When I said put the question [of why we lost] to the coach, it is just because Carlos Queiroz was holding a press conference. I was not in a position to explain what was what.”

I’m sorry but the real reason why you lost Ronaldo is because your selfish when it comes to the ball. So, playing with a team that actually has team work (Spain) will definitely beat your selfish ass. Just because your one of the best player in the world doesn’t mean squat when they have a man who is one of the top three goal scorer (David Villa). Let’s face it, if you were injured prior to the tournament you wouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines like Beckham cheering his country on. Your whole “alienation” statement is bull because prior to the World Cup you were lounging around bathing in the sun. You know what Beckham did prior to the 2006 World Cup? He throw a party not only for the English team…I know because Ronaldo from Brazil was there.

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