Sedona, Arizona

31 Dec

When I arrived at our final destination, I was quickly reminded by the welcoming of the 20° whether is to why we live in California and why we pay for all those taxes. The next morning it was reported that the Grand Canyon last night was 6°; yes, there is no number in front nor after that six. Everything was different in Arizona. In the news they warned locals about shooting their guns during New Year’s Eve, in California we warn locals about alcohol. Which one would you choose guns or alcohol? No good can come with the combination of both. Over there the number one main constant report on fraud are cults and sweat lodges. Here insurance and healthrelated fraud. It amazes me how we are supposedly a nation but every state feels like a foreign country.

Wondering why those mountains are so red? It is because before there was a river that used to ran through there and with it came minerals, mostly iron. So what happens when iron makes contact with air? It creates rust and the mountains are composed with sediments meaning they are really soft and if there was an earthquake (which will never happen because there is no seismic energy within the area) all the mountains can easily fall into dust and the town of Sedona will become the Atlantis of the Southwest. So basically you are looking at some rusty sedimentary mountains.


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