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Sexy Spaniards 1-Ronaldo 0

30 Jun

Yesterday Spain beat Portugal 1-0 and after the game Ronaldo gave me another reason why I do not like his arrogant ass. Watch below:

On top of that in an interview in BBC he claims: 
“I feel a broken man, completely disconsolate, frustrated and an unimaginable sadness. … I am a human being and like any human being I suffer and I have the right to suffer alone.”

On top of that emo statement that he made; he claimed that the reason for his alienation is because of coach Carlos Queiroz. He states,”When I said put the question [of why we lost] to the coach, it is just because Carlos Queiroz was holding a press conference. I was not in a position to explain what was what.”

I’m sorry but the real reason why you lost Ronaldo is because your selfish when it comes to the ball. So, playing with a team that actually has team work (Spain) will definitely beat your selfish ass. Just because your one of the best player in the world doesn’t mean squat when they have a man who is one of the top three goal scorer (David Villa). Let’s face it, if you were injured prior to the tournament you wouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines like Beckham cheering his country on. Your whole “alienation” statement is bull because prior to the World Cup you were lounging around bathing in the sun. You know what Beckham did prior to the 2006 World Cup? He throw a party not only for the English team…I know because Ronaldo from Brazil was there.


Peacocks and Sparkle

28 Jun

Anyone that knows me  knows that I LOVE PEACOCKS. Everytime I go to the zoo and see a peacock pass me by I get excited. Screw the lions, tigers, and bears, I want to see peacocks. So when I came across this ring, I thought it would be perfect for me because it has two of my favorite things…peacocks and sparkle.

Hello my precious

Yankees Beat Dodgers Booya!!!!

27 Jun


We beat the Dodgers 8-6!!!! We were scoreless for 5 innings and to be honest I was bummed because the Dodgers were already up by 5. Then I looked up to God and said, “I went to church at 5 and on time. On top of that I miss 4 innings just for you”. Then A Rod hit a homer in the top of the 6th letting Teixeira score. Which made us trailing 3 points behind the Dodger. Than Dodgers scored one in the bottom of the 8th. I didn’t give up yet because we’re Yankees we don’t let anyone get off that easy even in the bottom of the 8th. So Torre decided to bring out this lumber jack looking guy that could be a descendent of Paul Bunyan to close the inning; but didn’t work because Cano double which allowed A Rod to score. Then the rookies step their game up to tie the game and of course Mo shut the Dodgers down in the bottom of 9th and 10th. On the top of the 10th the Dodgers decided to change pitches twice but didn’t work because Cano homers which brought A Rod to home plate as well. So, what is the lesson learned Dodgers? Hit one of our teammates and you will pay.

A.J., I know its has been a REALLY bad month for you but don’t worry it’s almost over and July is just around the corner. As a matter of fact it starts this thursday. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind but you will overcome it and I felt bad for you when you yesterday because I know you didn’t want to let your team down, especially to ruin your captain’s Birthday. You’re in a serious slump and you are in a team that is own for winning. But you will overcome this horrible slump.

Need To Refresh Some Referees What Offsides Means

27 Jun

Theres a problem in the World Cup…referees are calling fair goals into offside position!!! This mess needs to stop because so many teams have been robbed by points and their chance to wim the Cup because so many referees have been raising their flags when its a fair play. This injustice can not go on anymore. I don’t know if they really don’t know what being offside really means or they are just playing favoritism. But lets just refresh they brains what offsides really means and what is the purpose of having this rule.

World Cup Referees Warm Up?

27 Jun

First of all I didn’t know referees warm up before a game but it makes sense since they run along with the herd of players.

Even Louis Vuitton Has World Cup Fever

27 Jun

Zinedine Zidane, Pele and Diego Maradona.

Happy Birthday Captain!!!

26 Jun

Today is the day that Yankee Captain Derek Sanderson Jeter turns 36 years old. This guy was ment to be a Yankee right when he came out of the womb.


What I love about Jeter is that he is a true Yankee. On top of that he is authentically humble and you can tell he doesn’t play the whole hierarchy power trip to his fellow teammates. So Happy Birthday Captain and Beat LA!!!!

Jeter's ritual before every game back in old Yankee Stadium the house that Ruth built.

Happy Belated Birthday Andy!!!

In Pettitte I trust


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