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Roma 2- Udinese 1

9 Apr

I know I know, I haven’t talked about Roma but you got to admit they have been in really bad shape. Just found out that Mexes is leaving and going to Milan within the end of the season (not that he really matters). But you have to understand; every time I have to write a sad Roma news it would be like stabbing my own heart. I mean for crying out loud they are in 6th place in Serie A. We need our Romans to be back in 1st place where they righteously belong. Per favore, Roma tornare alla vita!


Срећан 27. рођендан Мирка! (Happy 27th Birthday Mirko!)

1 Oct

Today the Roma’s sexy talented Striker is turning 27 today!

One of my favorite Mirko moments and you’ll see why.

Hold up!

I guess there goes my chance…womp womp.

Happy Belated Roman Birthday

31 Aug

I know, know I have Roma M.I.A. but I’m back. So with that said happy belated birthday to:

AS ROMA Passed by Inter!!!

11 Apr

What a great weekend!!! AS Roma is FIRST in Serie A and Inter (drumroll)…2nd!!!! Good job Fiorentina, Cassetti, and Mirko. Imagine from 16th place to 1st place.


Happy Easter…Y’all Can Eat Meat Now

4 Apr


First off. Sorry I have been MIA. Just been lounging around and job hunting during my Spring Break and basically gave up blogging for holy week. I will catch up you with some news from last week.

Second, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I know mine was going well until now. F***ing Red Sox beat my beloved Yankees (9-7). You gotta be f***ing kidding me, we’re Yankees we don’t lose to Boston. Except that one time that will go unmentioned. The blame goes to Girardi’s poor spring training. No wonder every single person on the team was nice and tan. I never seen Teixeria so tan. I mean the guy is tanner than me and I’m Filippino. Speaking of my nationality I will not address what the ignorant garbage mouth Adam Carolla recently said about my country because I’m too tired to go down to his level of intelligence. Anyways, I’m not really that upset cause  it’s just opening game so no biggie…but it would’ve been better if they won.

Check out the tan on Posada

But great news Roma held on to second place in Serie A after slipping to third place two weeks ago. Thank you Mirko.


My Boys Are Back!!!

22 Feb

Sitting in the top 2 in Serie A where they belong. Yesterday against Catania, Mirko Vucinic made sure that the number 2 spot is secure. Keep making me proud my loves. 

I wish that the US show more of soccer instead of a sniblet from here to there.

Not A Deadbeat After All

6 Dec

Oh what a day!!! Roma defeated Lazio 1-0 at the Stadio Olimpico all thanks to Marco Cassetti. With the help of my man Mirko Vucinic, Cassetti was able to score the winning goal in the 79th minute. He proved me wrong, he’s starting not to look like a good looking deadbeat after all.

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