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Queen of Posh

22 Apr

Victoria does German Vogue where she was dub the “Queen of Posh” which I believe the title best suits her.



17 Apr

36 never looked SO GOOD

It’s Jackie Robinson Day!!!

15 Apr


Today in the world of Baseball, we celebrate “Jackie Robinson Day”. No, today is not his birthday nor it is not his death anniversary. Today is the celebration of the late great Jackie Robinson first debut in the major leagues as a Dodger back in 1947. Today every player has to wear the number 42 to pay respect to Jackie Robinson. No major league player, except for Mariano Rivera, can wear number 42 only on “Jackie Robinson Day”, and I agree 42 is more than a number. I also believe that not only the world of baseball should celebrate this day but everybody. 

Jesse Sims, the grandson of the late great Jackie Robinson throwing the first pitch at Yankee Stadium


If it wasn’t for Jackie Robinson none of these players would be here despite of all the tension that he was receiving during his time. But let’s think about it; with all the tension that he got from the crowd, his own clubhouse, and his opponents (I’m going to spare the details because you can just google it) he stayed because he knows that he will have a tremendous effect on every little boys dream. 

Jackie Robinson’s appearance in the majors was so inspiring to many African-Americans that he even inspired one of jazz’s greatest musicians Count Basie. Who wrote a song for Robinson which hit #13 in the charts. 

Home Opener and We Get Rings!!!

13 Apr


Today was the home opener for the Yanks and we finally get our rings!!! It was nice to see Matsui San again but to be honest, as weird as it sounds…Matsui doesn’t look good in an Angels uniform. He looked better in Pinstripes. 

See what I mean

My favorite part of opening day is looking out in the crowd and see all corporates wearing their suit, tie, sunglasses, and Yankee hat. No one is working but ironically enough the DOW and NASDAQ are up. I think Yankee Home Openers should just be a holiday because no one goes to work or school anyways. The whole New York and some of New Jersey’s population is in Yankee Stadium so if your conference call and meeting was canceled or if you’re wondering why your classroom is empty, your professor canceled class, or all of the sudden you have a substitute teacher; they are most likely to be at the home opener. 

AS ROMA Passed by Inter!!!

11 Apr

What a great weekend!!! AS Roma is FIRST in Serie A and Inter (drumroll)…2nd!!!! Good job Fiorentina, Cassetti, and Mirko. Imagine from 16th place to 1st place.


Happy Birthday Mark Teixeira!!!

11 Apr

Today Yankees baby face switch hitter/first baseman Mark Teixeria turns 30 and what a great way to celebrate your birthday by beating Tampa Bay (7-3) and yesterday (10-0). Happy Birthday Mark; go ahead and enjoy yourself some Les Miserables.

10 Highest Paid Sport Teams

10 Apr

Last week an article by Chris Chase released a list of the 10 highest paid teams in sports. I wasn’t shock that the Yankees and Real Madrid were in the top of the list. BUT I was shock that Manchester United did NOT make the list. Not that I’m a  big fan of Manchester but…really? They can’t even come in 5th behind Chelsea? Well, here is the rest of the list:

  1. New York Yankees $7,000,000
  2. Real Madrid $6,333,591
  3. Barcelona $$6,082,940
  4. Chelsea $5,361,957
  5. Dallas Mavericks $5,315,097
  6. Los Angeles Lakers $5,098,920
  7. Detroit Pistons $4,995,573
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers $4,940,707
  9. Boston Celtics $4,885,055
  10. New York Knicks $4,881,952

If you want the full detail is to why these teams were anointed as the highest paid in the world here is the link to the article below.,230688

Wondering why the hell am I not outside enjoying the beautiful weather; because I’m watching my beloved Yankees spanking Tampa Bays booty. Yup, that’s right you heard me. Granted that yesterday Tampa Bay beat us but don’t worry about it, you saw what happened to Boston. We give the first game just to be nice because that’s just how we roll. I already did what I do in a beautiful Saturday morning. A nice drive around downtown blasting Cannonball Adderley and this is Southern California, we have gorgeous weather 24/7.

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