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Congrates Captain 3,000!!!

11 Jul

Saturday, July 9, 2011, our great Captain entered the 3,000 hit club as the 28th member and the first Yankee ever to be included in the club wearing pinstripes. Thank you Tampa Bay Rays left-handed pitcher David Price for letting our great Captain 3,000th hit be a homer in Yankee Stadium.

And…here is the lucky bastered that caught the historic ball:


Happy Belated To The Captain

27 Jun

Our dear Captain Derek Jeter turned 37 yesterday. The quest for 3,000 hits is still on the horizon and who else can say that their whole 37 years of existence they had 3,000 hits and is the only Yankee that is wearing a single digit number? No one in this day of age. So Belated Happy Birthday to you Captain.

Happy 84th Birthday Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

12 May

O’Captain My Captain

4 Apr

Goodbye My Andy

5 Feb

On Friday, the beloved Yankee pitcher Andrew Eugene Pettitte announced his retirement from his 16 year career in the majors and aborting the chase of  a sixth World Series as a Yankee. Andy Pettitte will be known as: the number one pick for starting pitchers in fantasy baseball, 5 world series rings as a Yankee, 19 post-season wins, never been defeated in a World Series, 2,251 strikeouts, career record of 240-138, 2001 ALCS MVP, and his French Italian good looks that would make any girly girl be a Yankee fan. Even though there were some set backs that would have tarnish his career; he saved his image by being a true gangsta by admitting his wrong doings. No matter how many bright new pitchers that will touch the mound in Yankee Stadium, everyone will miss that dimpled chin Baton Rouge Native.

Belated Happy Yankee Birthdays

31 Aug

Hot damn how could I forget. Happy belated Birthday to:

Brett "The Sexy" Gardner

Jorge Posada


Damaso Marte

Get well soon Damaso Marte

It’s About Freakin’ Time!!!

22 Aug

Sorry for being M.I.A for most of this month. But have no fear I am back and in writing in a cafe having Sunday Brunch at Caffe Italia where they have Belgian Waffles until 1:00 pm on Sunday’s. If you are within the area check out Caffe Italia if you want to immense yourself with some locals; but make sure you bring cash because they DO NOT accept credit and debit cards. 

Headband from BeBeauty


Before I forget on my way to Caffe Italia I discovered a Jazz radio station here in San Diego where they play real jazz not that “smooth jazz” crap in which I call it “fake jazz”. Well the station is 88.3 fm. Yes, that is fm not am, I know its shocking that there is a jazz station that is in fm radio that does not have any static. At first I must admit I had it on 88.1 instead of 88.3 and there was some static and it intercept with some station that was playing Doo Wop and I didn’t even care. Which is rare but now I found a new love on the radio 88.3…screw my iPOD. 


Okay back to business. Finally Bravo kicked Danielle Staub to the curb. I know that they wanted drama but not ex convict drama. I hope Dina comes back since Danielle is gone. So, Dina PLEASE COME BACK.


 Also as all of have heard…Roger freakin’ Clemens has been indicted by the federal jury for lying his steroid and HGH use. Clemens’ charges are: one count of obstruction of Congress, three counts of making false statements and two counts of perjury in connection with his February 2008 testimony. From what I have heard, if found guilty he might spend 30 years in prison. Honestly, if the mistress say that the guy can’t get it up and you all of a sudden have a strain relationship with one of your buddies from your team (Pettitte) your ass is guilty. On top of that you lied to Congress…who does that? It will come out anyway so you might as well man up and admit like A Rod. Even though A Rod is cocky at least he man up and admit his steroid use. People wonder what is his legacy going to be after all of this. Easy…his legacy is that he is a nothing but cocky pussy that was a gifted pitcher. So congrats Rocket you officially fucked your legacy.


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