Joao’s Tin Fish at Liberty Station

22 Dec

For the adventurous foodies out there in America we all know that searching for Portuguese cuisine is like a finding a needle in a hay stack. As a person of Portuguese decent I have always been curious of the food of one of my heritage. I always envy Anthony Bourdain or anybody from either the Food Network or  Travel Channel eating Portuguese food. It’s already bad enough that you are already in one of my motherland must you boast how great the local cuisine is too? I know its great, it looks great, I don’t even need “smellivison” to make it worst. I found the only Portuguese restaurant in San Diego but I heard by many that it’s not as good nor its barely authentic. For crying out loud how hard is it to find a place that makes kale soup and serves linguicas?

Which brings me to Joao’s Tin Fish at Liberty Station, for those who don’t know where Liberty Station is located, it is located in Point Loma.  It is not a Portuguese restaurant but it has some Portuguese food (at least there is some progress). This place has the BEST sandwiches!!!! I mean who can ever mess up a sandwich?! It’s the most easiest thing to make. Yes, but when I ate at this place for the first time I had their linguica sliders with sweet Portuguese bread (I know it is not the whole Portuguese cuisine experience but at least it’s something). It was the BEST sandwich that I EVER had in my whole life!!! I do not know how they can ever make a sandwich go beyond its ordinary means but the nice spicy linguica with the combination of the sweetness of the bread just coats your mouth so smoothly. It gave the “wow” factor of all sandwiches.  Another sandwich that they are made famous for is their crab sandwich, I haven’t ate it yet but I heard they’re a hoot. To top off this place they show the soccer channel. Watching soccer and eating linguica sliders what more can you ask for?

After eating a linguica I can see why it is mostly embedded in most Portuguese cuisine. Why is it hard to find langucias any where? If anyone out there knows a place where they sell linguicas please let my know.

To find a Joao’s Tin Fish near you please check out their website


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