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Ozzy Gets His G.T.L On

26 Aug

Milk It While You Can

22 Jul

People may say or think that the whole Jersey Shore Cast are dumb but at least they know how to continue to have big slumps of money during every second of their 15 minutes of fame. All I got to say is, do not judge a book by its fake tan.

I cannot wait for season 2!

David Wright on The Situation Workout

9 Apr

New York Mets David Wright trying The Situation workout for Vitamin Water commercial.

Welcome to Miami (Bienvenido a Miami)

22 Mar

Yesterday MTV began shooting the second season of my addiction, Jersey Shore!!! If anyone didn’t get the Miami memo, well now you did. MTV producers had a hard time figuring out where the new location would be to place these GTLin’, fist pumpin’, poof wearin’, guerrilla lovin’, house music lovers. At one point it was rumored that they might place the cast at the Hampton’s! I would honestly love to see that. Can you imagine them attending a Hampton’s “White Party”. I could see those preppy kids pissing in there pants and can you also imagine all the boys whacking off in the closet once they lay eyes on JWOWW’s breast. Awww!!! I really wish it was at the Hampton’s, well there’s always season 3. Well Miami, GOOD LUCK!!! From the words from a fellow Golden Girl, Sophia Petrillo, “there’s a hurricane a’comin!”

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