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The Knife

26 May

So my friend Nik and I where on our way to Hillcrest and he had The Knife “Heartbeats” playing in his car. I remembered him talking about something but I’ll be real with you…I didn’t listen to damn word he said because I was distracted by the music. So I kindly interrupted him and asked him who the fuck is singing and he introduced me to The Knife. He told me that they were a band back in the 90s. I was in shock because they sounded more modern for their time but then he told me they were Swedish which explained everything. Than he played the live version of “Heartbeats” and hot damn I had an audiogasm. Till this day I’m addicted to this song. Now I’m going to get you addicted.


Happy Birthday to ME!!!

23 May

What the hell ever happened to 21?

A Big Day for A Sexy Gardner

2 May

First off, yesterday Curtis Granderson suffered and injury during his run from first to third base against the Chicago White Sox. It is reported today that will be out for a month due to a Grade 2 left groin muscle strain. To be honest I have no clue what Grade 2 means, all I know is the guy is going to be hanging out in the injured list for a month. With that said, get better Curtis.

Which brings me to Brett Gardner. Today, he replaced Granderson in center field where he should be. I have always been a fan of Gardner because I believe he has a certain spark and potential in him. He always has his games face on in every game and he gives it his all. I love how every time he gets a chance to play or start, you can tell he is living it to fullest, and the number one turn on…is that he is humble. I will also admit that what got my attention is that the guy is HOT. He is sexy and every time he comes up to bat I get excited. I am also going to admit that I am bummed that he his married and has a son but he is very nice to look at because you know there is a six-pack waiting to come out of that shirt.

He is fast, but fast in a good way. In fact many that seen him play live are astounded by his speed. Many that had the opportunity to meet him say that he is so genuinely nice and I believe them.

But today was a big day for my sexy Gardner because he hit his first home run of the season. For my fellow Yankee fans and haters we all know that Gardner is not a power hitter. He even said it himself during an interview last year during the end of a game against the Minnesota Twins, where he made his in field home run. When the ball went over the fence, you better believe that I was surprised and I was even more shocked when he popped out of right field. He has already stolen 11 bases and is batting .342.

Keep up the good work Gardy!!!!

Good job Roma but not good enough cuz your still in 2nd. But I still love ya.

Guess Who’s Going to Have Birthday Sex?

2 May

David Beckham!!! Today the English lad turns 35!!!! Happy Birthday David!!! And Victoria not too rough, he’s still injured. You don’t want to delay his recovery.The last thing he needs is a sex injury.

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