A Very Happy Eskimo Birthday

16 Oct

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!

May you always be happy and full of life even when I am in a blah mood. You always make a car drive as entertaining as possible. You can make a normal trip to Bed Bath & Beyond into a free massage session. Thank you for being my pretend boyfriend and I am always happy to be yours too. You are one of the greatest friends that I ever had and I am glad that have shop at Be Beauty because if it wasn’t for my addiction I would’ve not met you. I am glad that I have a friend that can tolerate my LOVE for soccer and the Yanks by pretending that you care. I enjoy the pictures that you send me of your cat while I am at work. It is great to have a friend that you can talk about ANY thing where morals are respected and judgement is not even in existence. I respected your pass fashion faux pas’ but at the same time lets admit…it was raver couture, so points shall never be  deducted. I hope that you enjoyed your “Girlie Birthday Day” because you deserve it. With that said; are we still on for Sunday Brunch tomorrow? Love ya!!!

Tiffany Wallace is one of the best nail technicians out there, being the business for 8 years. She can do Minx and Shellac manicure and pedicures. If you want to book an appointment please call: (619) 795-4585.


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