Mob Wives

26 Apr

A new set of wives captured my heart on Sunday nights. Sorry Orange County your cooky, superficial, over surgerize bodies don’t have nothing on Staten Island’s finest. Mob Wives, the four tough women that inherited the a lifestyle that some of us actually want to have; I know I’m one of them. It’s not my fault that I have a weakness for bad boys; I don’t know what it is but I do know that my fave mob wife Drita explained it very well…”they are just more exciting” its true. I have dated some squares during my pimping days and all of them ended up in the free meal section.

This show I must say have the elements that I love: mafia, tough women, and strong New York accents. The prologue got me hooked already, why? Because of one particular cast member’s father. Yes, Karen Gravano as in Salvatore “Sammy the Bulldog” Gravano’s daughter. The most famous rat next to Henry Hill, but at least Sammy Gravano never made a movie out of his life as a mobster like Henry Hill. Even though the movie is one of my favorite movies of all time but still you are the biggest rat if you made a movie about being in the mob and not even change the names of the characters that played in your non-fictional life. I am glad that there a group of wives on tv that actually have non-petty problems and go out into the world with a hard shell. Honestly, best reality show EVER!


2 Responses to “Mob Wives”

  1. bags June 13, 2012 at 2:30 am #

    ummm….actually, the made for tv movie “Gotti” was about sammy the bull gravano


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