Songasm Of The Day

21 Mar

Now you can hum all you want to,
Cum all you want to,
Money I’mma front you,
Boy I wanna flaunt you,
I’mma always want you,
When nobody want you,
If I die now my love will still haunt you,
Mary ain’t the one that will pay for your phone,
Mary be the one that will take you home,
Even though I’m not the one that gave you the stone,
All your DAYS alone,
I could make you moan,
Everybody know I got more bounce than the ounce,
Bad Boy get more money than you can count,
Why I’m buying things you can’t even pronounce,
I’d do it to your cat for a large amount,
And when the beef come you know where to be found,
Why I be around till the winner is announced (the winner is),
So there ya go girl with thousands in ya palms,
Why you can’t let by gones be by gones…


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