Goodbye My Andy

5 Feb

On Friday, the beloved Yankee pitcher Andrew Eugene Pettitte announced his retirement from his 16 year career in the majors and aborting the chase of  a sixth World Series as a Yankee. Andy Pettitte will be known as: the number one pick for starting pitchers in fantasy baseball, 5 world series rings as a Yankee, 19 post-season wins, never been defeated in a World Series, 2,251 strikeouts, career record of 240-138, 2001 ALCS MVP, and his French Italian good looks that would make any girly girl be a Yankee fan. Even though there were some set backs that would have tarnish his career; he saved his image by being a true gangsta by admitting his wrong doings. No matter how many bright new pitchers that will touch the mound in Yankee Stadium, everyone will miss that dimpled chin Baton Rouge Native.


One Response to “Goodbye My Andy”

  1. Sandy Carlson (USA) May 30, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    He’s back, and that’s the main thing. His game is pure art.

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