Really Joao’s?!

31 Dec

I know, I know, I have been lagging for a couple of months. But I do have to report a disappointing update in regarding Joao’s Tin Fish before we depart from 2010. Okay, how am I going to say this without sounding like a sloth?…Back in May of this year, I ate at Joao’s for my birthday lunch; and of course I got the heavenly Lingucia Sliders.Right when I opened the menu I was searched high and low for my beloved Lingucia Sliders because I wanted a manage a trois with the delightful spice of the lingucia and the sweetness of  the sweet Portuguese bread intermingle in my mouth. But everything came to an end. The waitress told me that they took out the wonderful sliders out of their menu and there is no chance of ressurecting it. So I ordered the fucking dull Lingucia Sandwich. Honestly the only thing that the sandwich contained was a lingucia cut in half in a french baguette. No lettuce, no nothing. They might as well called the fucking dish a Portuguese hotdog because that is what it looked like. Nothing annoys me when chef’s fancy up a dish with words when it is something that you cook at home within less of than an hour. I don’t mind when chef’s take out dishes on the menu because that is a  way they evolve their art; but this is whole different story. Why keep the boring Portuguese hotdog and execute something that is orgasmic. Joao’s bring the Lingucia Sliders back!!!


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