I See London I See France I See Mirko’s Under Pants

16 Oct

During the 66th minute of the  2012 Euro Cup Qualifying match against Switzerland, Montenegrin Captain Vucinic could not compose himself after scoring the first goal for his country. This is not the first time he did this. Well, actually the shorts over the head thing was a first, but running around in his tighty whities isn’t. According to Sport Center it is the #1 “Not Top 10 Plays,” but to be honest, a little celebration run around is not something you judge on for a player’s ability to help his team win. More than anything they should be focus on Mirko’s goal that would have been considered to be in the #1 spot of the “Top 10 Plays” not his tighty whities celebration goal.

Don’t worry Mirko your celebration is #1 in my book because I know that when you take off your shorts after scoring a goal, it means the goal is very important.


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