1997 Is Making A Comeback

28 Jul

First of all…is this movie really necessary? The first Titanic is a classic that should never be watch nor be made to a sequel. It’s like Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World,” it should have never been touched.

Second, the word in the media streets is that there are talks that there might be a sequel to the classic Spice World. Probably we might find out what happened to that creepy stalker photographer/spy. Did he really turned his life around after realizing he was living a meaningless life? What does Nicola’s baby girl look like now since she’s all grown up? Will her father be revealed or is he still getting a pack of cigarettes from “the store”? Is she still a single mother? So many questions that need to be answered. I just hope that it has all five girls. It would be like the reunion tour but in the silver screen.


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