Sexy Spaniards 1-Ronaldo 0

30 Jun

Yesterday Spain beat Portugal 1-0 and after the game Ronaldo gave me another reason why I do not like his arrogant ass. Watch below:

On top of that in an interview in BBC he claims: 
“I feel a broken man, completely disconsolate, frustrated and an unimaginable sadness. … I am a human being and like any human being I suffer and I have the right to suffer alone.”

On top of that emo statement that he made; he claimed that the reason for his alienation is because of coach Carlos Queiroz. He states,”When I said put the question [of why we lost] to the coach, it is just because Carlos Queiroz was holding a press conference. I was not in a position to explain what was what.”

I’m sorry but the real reason why you lost Ronaldo is because your selfish when it comes to the ball. So, playing with a team that actually has team work (Spain) will definitely beat your selfish ass. Just because your one of the best player in the world doesn’t mean squat when they have a man who is one of the top three goal scorer (David Villa). Let’s face it, if you were injured prior to the tournament you wouldn’t be sitting on the sidelines like Beckham cheering his country on. Your whole “alienation” statement is bull because prior to the World Cup you were lounging around bathing in the sun. You know what Beckham did prior to the 2006 World Cup? He throw a party not only for the English team…I know because Ronaldo from Brazil was there.


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