What the Hell Happened to My Italian Stallions?

24 Jun



I just want to vent because this problem has been going on since the Euro Cup 2008. Granted part of the blame from the Euro Cup (which torn my heart because they were playing against Spain whom I was rooting for. Trust me, I felt as if I was caught cheating and my two mistresses were duking it out) was because of the poor coaching of Roberto “Silver Fox” Donadoni but also the age of the majority of the players in the team. 

So, I wake up bright and early just to watch you painfully being devoured by Slovakia! Are you kidding me?! First of all they were dead last of the group and they beat you? No, fuck that…they beat us. The most painful part is that this would be Gattuso’s last national appearance and you couldn’t advance to the knockout stages. Also this would be Cannavaro’s last World Cup appearance because let’s face it When the next World Cup comes along he’ll be 40. But I must say unlike France’s coach, Marcello Lippi took the blame which is the most honorable thing to do. This made me respect him even more because that shows me his humbleness. I’m going to admit when Buffon’s injury was announced, I was scared. But let’s face it the majority of the team are old. Not to sound like an ageist but its true, soccer is not like baseball where you can play till your 40 i.e. Mariano Rivera; because soccer is an ongoing sport where strong stamina is a need. 

That is why I asked, why were the same faces from last World Cup appear four years later and on top of that they were the same ones from the Euro Cup and we all know how that turned out. Why Lippi didn’t call up Sebastian Giovinco the young 23 year old Midfielder from Juvi? And why was Giuseppe Rossi cut from the squad? Especially when you’re dealing with the World Cup you can’t gamble with age especially when one already shown his capability during last year’s Confederation Cup. Even though I am also rooting for Spain too but I’m a ride and die bitch for Italy. So Spain make me proud tomorrow your my only hope and Italy time for a makeover. 

Maybe I should join the Azzurri


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