It’s Jackie Robinson Day!!!

15 Apr


Today in the world of Baseball, we celebrate “Jackie Robinson Day”. No, today is not his birthday nor it is not his death anniversary. Today is the celebration of the late great Jackie Robinson first debut in the major leagues as a Dodger back in 1947. Today every player has to wear the number 42 to pay respect to Jackie Robinson. No major league player, except for Mariano Rivera, can wear number 42 only on “Jackie Robinson Day”, and I agree 42 is more than a number. I also believe that not only the world of baseball should celebrate this day but everybody. 

Jesse Sims, the grandson of the late great Jackie Robinson throwing the first pitch at Yankee Stadium


If it wasn’t for Jackie Robinson none of these players would be here despite of all the tension that he was receiving during his time. But let’s think about it; with all the tension that he got from the crowd, his own clubhouse, and his opponents (I’m going to spare the details because you can just google it) he stayed because he knows that he will have a tremendous effect on every little boys dream. 

Jackie Robinson’s appearance in the majors was so inspiring to many African-Americans that he even inspired one of jazz’s greatest musicians Count Basie. Who wrote a song for Robinson which hit #13 in the charts. 


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