Home Opener and We Get Rings!!!

13 Apr


Today was the home opener for the Yanks and we finally get our rings!!! It was nice to see Matsui San again but to be honest, as weird as it sounds…Matsui doesn’t look good in an Angels uniform. He looked better in Pinstripes. 

See what I mean

My favorite part of opening day is looking out in the crowd and see all corporates wearing their suit, tie, sunglasses, and Yankee hat. No one is working but ironically enough the DOW and NASDAQ are up. I think Yankee Home Openers should just be a holiday because no one goes to work or school anyways. The whole New York and some of New Jersey’s population is in Yankee Stadium so if your conference call and meeting was canceled or if you’re wondering why your classroom is empty, your professor canceled class, or all of the sudden you have a substitute teacher; they are most likely to be at the home opener. 


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