10 Highest Paid Sport Teams

10 Apr

Last week an article by Chris Chase released a list of the 10 highest paid teams in sports. I wasn’t shock that the Yankees and Real Madrid were in the top of the list. BUT I was shock that Manchester United did NOT make the list. Not that I’m a  big fan of Manchester but…really? They can’t even come in 5th behind Chelsea? Well, here is the rest of the list:

  1. New York Yankees $7,000,000
  2. Real Madrid $6,333,591
  3. Barcelona $$6,082,940
  4. Chelsea $5,361,957
  5. Dallas Mavericks $5,315,097
  6. Los Angeles Lakers $5,098,920
  7. Detroit Pistons $4,995,573
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers $4,940,707
  9. Boston Celtics $4,885,055
  10. New York Knicks $4,881,952

If you want the full detail is to why these teams were anointed as the highest paid in the world here is the link to the article below.


Wondering why the hell am I not outside enjoying the beautiful weather; because I’m watching my beloved Yankees spanking Tampa Bays booty. Yup, that’s right you heard me. Granted that yesterday Tampa Bay beat us but don’t worry about it, you saw what happened to Boston. We give the first game just to be nice because that’s just how we roll. I already did what I do in a beautiful Saturday morning. A nice drive around downtown blasting Cannonball Adderley and this is Southern California, we have gorgeous weather 24/7.


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