6 Apr

January 29, 1918 – April 1, 2010

John Forsythe died on April fools at the age of 92 in Santa Ynez, CA after having complications with pneumonia following with a year-long battle with cancer. He was known as Blake Carrington in the fiercest 80s tv show Dynasty and his famous voice as Charlie in the original Charlie’s Angels.

December 31, 1930 — March 30, 2010

After his long battle with cancer the real life Jaime Escalante dies at the age of 79 years old in LA last Tuesday. He was best remembered by the movie Stand and Deliver which shows his gift of teaching one of te most annoying subject in school… Mathematics. He was a miracle worker that gave his students hope and broke the door of their limited minds. I remember watching Stand and Deliver in every math class that I had in high school.  

November 8, 1912 – March 28, 2010

Last Saturday June Hovac passed away at the age of 97 due to natural causes in her Connecticut home. She was the sister of the real Gypsy Rose Lee that was later portrayed in the 1962 movie Gypsy. She was an actress, dancer, theater director, and writer.  

 My prayers and condolences goes out to all their friends and family.


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