Happy Easter…Y’all Can Eat Meat Now

4 Apr


First off. Sorry I have been MIA. Just been lounging around and job hunting during my Spring Break and basically gave up blogging for holy week. I will catch up you with some news from last week.

Second, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I know mine was going well until now. F***ing Red Sox beat my beloved Yankees (9-7). You gotta be f***ing kidding me, we’re Yankees we don’t lose to Boston. Except that one time that will go unmentioned. The blame goes to Girardi’s poor spring training. No wonder every single person on the team was nice and tan. I never seen Teixeria so tan. I mean the guy is tanner than me and I’m Filippino. Speaking of my nationality I will not address what the ignorant garbage mouth Adam Carolla recently said about my country because I’m too tired to go down to his level of intelligence. Anyways, I’m not really that upset cause  it’s just opening game so no biggie…but it would’ve been better if they won.

Check out the tan on Posada

But great news Roma held on to second place in Serie A after slipping to third place two weeks ago. Thank you Mirko.



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