Beckham Can’t Really Bend It Like Beckham

15 Mar

 Yesterday during the closing stages at the  Milan vs. Chievo match. David Beckham sadly ruptured his Achilles tendon. He is now not expected to go back on the pitch for 3 months which is officially the end of his Serie A season. So why is this a big deal you say? Well this might mean that he might not be able to participate in the World Cup which starts within less than 3 months away.

I honestly feel bad for the guy. For crying out loud the guy cried so you know this is a big deal for him and yes, I would agree that the tears that he cried was for his torn Achilles. But let’s face it he also knew what outcome would be while he was crying. I feel that he does deserve to be in the World Cup. You can tell that he lives, breaths, and if he can, make love with football (soccer). If he didn’t want to participate really in the World Cup (despite the fact that he resigned in 2006 as Captain for England) he wouldn’t be playing for Milan (which you can tell he loves playing in Europe). But there are such things as miracles.

I really hope you get well Becks. I know how you feel, you wish that you rewind the match over again so can prevent this injury. Like what mom would say, which annoys me, it is what it is. I know you’re the kind that will recover in tip-top shape and come back with a bang. And who knows, this might be one of those miracle injures that will conveniently heal just in time for the World Cup.

Wondering why Becks has a cut on his face? Here’s  why:

What to see the aftermath? Well here you go:

Yo, seriously get better asap!


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