Achilles Last Stand

15 Mar


Well, like I said the guy loves this sport. Today, David flew straight to Turku, Finland for surgery, which was also completed today. On his website he stated,”I hope to make a swift and full recovery.” Umm…yeah, he is right about the full recovery part but the swift part is not going to happened unless there was a miracle.

According to Dr. Sakari Orava, Beckham is expected to be out for 6 months!!! Which is needed order to fully recover from a torn achilles tendon. With that said, it’s official Beckham is out of the World Cup.

In the next World Cup Becks will be at least 38 years old and we all know in sports terms that is old. It is equivalent to 50 years old. Most athletes retire when 40 is just around the corner (i.e. Andy Pettitte). Even Fabio Cannavaro, the Italian Captain, is 36 years of age and by 2014 he’s going to be done as captain because if you do the math by that time he would be 41 years old. If Becks didn’t have this horrible injury; this up coming World Cup may have been his last one.

I still feel bad for him. And probably it was a good thing that Victoria didn’t join the WAGS for the World Cup. Instead she will be playing sexy nurse for David.


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