Dear FIFA…

4 Mar

Can you hurry up with the World Cup. I can’t wait any longer. Actually I can kinda wait just a little longer. As long as it’s still football (soccer) season, I’m happy. And I don’t mean this MLS crap, I mean the real football (soccer). Watching football (soccer) commercials always gets me more and more excited for the World Cup or Euro Cup. Here is my favorite commercial to date by the Spanish National Football Team.

By the way, Italy first than Spain. Even though I am part Portuguese, I barely root for Portugal because of Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, I know he is a talented footballer but I can’t see pass his thick fog of the essence of his arrogance, cockiness, and the scent of cheap prostitutes is mixed in with that blasted fog. I don’t care about how good looking he is. Like tell everybody, if I was not into football (soccer) as I am, I would too hop on and ride the David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo bandwagon. And yes, I have seen Beckham in person within arms length and yes, he is a very handsome man BUT when I saw him I was excited because I thought Victoria was around. But she wasn’t, and I wanted to go up to him so bad and ask him, “WHERE IS YOUR WIFE?!”, Romeo was with him why can’t Victoria come along? Anyways, the last thing that I want to point out about Ronaldo is that he is a Beckham wannabe. His humbleness is not even visible to be the next Beckham. To make it more simple; the way I feel about Ronaldo is the same way how I feel towards Inter-Milian. To end in a happy note, Did you see how rip Puyol is? He makes Torres look scrawny, but I still love you Fernando Torres Liverpool’s #9.


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