28 Jan

Kristen Stewart, Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning and Cherie Currie

With a pinch of rock and a dose of roll
I can warm you up if you get too cold
I can bring you up when you’re going down
I can smash your head all over this town

Yeah, those are not the lyrics to The Runaways “Cherry Bomb”. It’s actually from their song “Queens Of Noise” which is one of my favorite songs from them along with “Cherry Bomb”. I am actually excited for The Runaways biopic to come out in theaters but I hope Kristen Stewart is not going to do that weird uneasy thing she does when she acts or during a premiere event. I don’t know if it’s just a thing that she does but it’s not what Joan Jett does. I wonder who is going to play Lita Ford in the movie. For those 80’s freaks out there like me, wondered why Lita Ford knows how to rip a guitar into shreds? That’s because she first started as the lead guitarist in The Runaways, and to be a Runaway you have to look, feel, and play badass.  

Doesn’t Joan Jett and Cherie Currie look fabu for being in their early 50s? And look at them. Just like Debbie Harry once a badass rocker chick, the essence of cool will never leave. 



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