So I Guess The Gods Are Not Going To Stop Peeing

22 Jan

Okay so last Sunday the weather people said that there was going to a storm that will hit Southern California. And  of course as a 10+ year resident I predicted that it was only going to A.) not going to happen or B.) going to last only for two days. So Monday came and I hear the pitter patter of the rain against my window. I was happy and peaceful making some French Onion Soup. Then I go outside and all the sudden I realize these are not normal Southern California raindrops. These rain drops are Hollywood movie raindrops; you know that ones that are so visible that one raindrop can make your mascara run. Today which is the fourth day there was thunder and lighting and hail ; on top of that there where floods in different parts of the county to the point were one man was chasing his car while it floated away.

For those who are not in this part of the country and cannot fathom how spoiled we are with the weather let me show you the steps in how an everyday Southern Californian reacts to a “storm”.

Day 1: “Oh, wow its raining. No big deal. I guess I’ll bust out my umbrella.”. or “Oh, good. We need the rain.” or ” Its a great day to sleep in.”

Day 2: “Oh its still raining.” And you go about your day

Day 3: “Why is it still raining?” In this stage the rain isn’t cute anymore. Southern Californians like to romanticized everything it’s probably the effects of Hollywood. We can even call this the “diva stage”.

Day 4: “Oh wow. I guess it’s really a storm. I hope this ends by the weekend.” or “This better be over by the weekend.” This is the stage of acceptance or making a threat to mother nature to not ruin your weekend.

So as you can see, we are spoiled and damn proud of it.


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