Magic Lamp Lebanese Mediterranean Grill

22 Jan

Two weekends ago I hung out with my cousin (I called that weekend, “weekend with Libras”) and we had a dinner at a fabu Lebanese restaurant in Long Beach called The Magic Lamp. I don’t know what it is about that section in Long Beach which the locals call “2nd street” but they have the best restaurants and eateries there. I never had Lebanese food, even though I have a very good friend for many years that is Lebanese and can cook Lebanese food…I still never had Lebanese food. But I had Persian food and since they are somewhat within the same area I am sure I would find some similarities.

Anyways back to this restaurant of scrumptiousness, I had their Kafta Plate which was some meaty deliciousness of a skewered blend of ground sirloin and lamb, mixed with parsley, onions and species. And of course no Arab main course is complete with its sidekick of basmati rice and tabbouli salad. What is tabbouli salad you might ask…for those who are aliens to Middle Eastern Cuisine and do not step out of the generic Caesar, Garden, Grilled Chicken salad. Tabbouli is chopped parsley, mixed with bulgur wheat, diced tomatoes, dried mint, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

Let me tell you, I am not big fan of salads because there is no creativity behind it. Can you blame me? It’s just a  plate of gathered boring vegetables that is partly drench with Kraft salad dressing and on top of that, they charge you as high as $5 for something that is not cooked. And people just because the mojority of your plate consist of some greenery does not mean it can make you lose weight or live a healthy life style. Next time you go to your local supermarket, be my guest and check out the salad dressing section and take a nice look on the nutrition facts and the ingredients. Your answers to your unachieved  weight goal is in that bottle. Worst of all they really don’t show the art of the chef. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with simplicity, I like simplicity but if I don’t feel no art of ingredients dancing and titillating my taste buds it’s a thumbs down. But not Tabbouli salad, it simple but it’s oh so GOOD in every bite. How about the ingredients? Are they dancing around your taste buds? Why yes they are, as a matter a fact there is a party going on in my taste buds.

They take online orders but they don’t deliver and they are VERY reasonably priced. Here is their So locals and passer byers take advantage.


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