Bye Jersey Shore

22 Jan

In my leopard print pjs with a nice bowl of French macaroons

 So its a sad day it was the season finale of the Jersey Shore my addiction is over. The show that stole me away from The Real Housewives of Orange County (don’t judge, just like watching it because I see them as a case study) is over. But after watching the reunion show, was it me or did Ronnie and Sammi broke up on the spot? Oh, nevermind I’m watching the rerun and yes they really break up. All I got to say is…Ouch! Like I said, people in the East coast don’t play around. They get straight to the point on or off camera. Whatever they’re going to get back eventually. There that one couple that are always on and off to the point that people don’t care because their tired of riding their roller coaster of a relationship. Ronnie loves her and is good guy as for Sammi, she has some skeletons in her closet and the one that starts the drama. But anyways moving on.   

Lets face it America whether you like it or not the show did have an affect throughout the country. The “fist pump” has spread out of the East Coast. I remembered during New Year’s I saw so many people pumping their fist. And you have to admit when you here the word “the situation” you can’t help it but think of  Mike “The Situation.”  Screw E.V.O.O. (not that I was ever fond of Rachel Ray) it’s all about G.T.L. and the word that sums up that one unattractive person that is part of the entourage of the person that your flirting with..”grenade”. I just love this show, I hope there will be a season 2.


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