Helping Haiti

18 Jan


With the current disaster that has hit Haiti last week I’m sure that many of you have the urge of wanting to help the people in Haiti. I am also sure that many of you are wondering, “where the hell can I donate some money?” And of course you have a right to question  because we all know that there are some scams out there trying to take advantage of a serious situation. Lucky for you I found some websites that will lead you to some legitimate organizations that will feed your humanity.

 You can also checkout your local blood bank or church for any information to help the people in Haiti.

For those who do not know enough information of what has happened to Haiti or do not what the big deal is; don’t worry I can give you the clean-cut, straight to the point version. Last week an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit Haiti (yea I know, omg. right?). The earthquake affected about one-third of Haiti’s population (yea, I know, dang. right?) and it is now estimated that the death toll is approximately 200,000. Exactly! Now you know why it is such a big deal and why the sexy Anderson Cooper flew to Haiti ASAP.

If any of you do not know where Haiti is located and cannot see why the earthquake cannot see why it could affect 1/3 of a country’s population, well here it is:


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