Study Break #3 or 4

13 Dec

A couple of days ago… I think, all I know it was some where last week that  wrote how I can see why my new addiction The Jersey Shore can be controversial. Well I can also see why it is seen in a different light now. Okay here it goes:

Like Spencer Pratt and many others that I am too tired to mention due to my brain being fried due to the overdose of academia information. Have stated that the older generations do not understand that the yes the term “guido and guidette” was a negative term in their generation but not its a positive and basically overreacting on a show about kids in their 20s having a fun summer in the Jersey Shore.

I agree because lets face it…they are acting like the majority of people in their 20s living up and embracing their youth while the still have it. There will always be that older generations that will criticize young adults for being a “poor” representation of their culture and it can be in whatever culture. But if MTV didn’t insert the “G” word into their trailer probably the show wouldn’t get so much heat. If there wasn’t any controversy the ratings would increase by 50% within a week; input controversy, output high ratings.


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