MTV Your A Tad Bit Late On That

12 Dec

So, I’m taking a study break and I come to find out that MTV is not going to show the segment of next weeks episode of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi getting punched by a man at the bar. Okay I wouldn’t call him a “man” for hitting a girl because lets face it, when a guy hits a woman or girl it’s considered a bitch move. However they will show how the entire cast stands by her side after the incident which ties to how Snookie is not considered as the outcast of the group. Reason for the censored segment because it is a serous crime and they basically had a lot complaints from the viewers.

I am addicted and a fan of the show but I really believe that MTV is too late on this one. I mean I saw the clip several times from the past two weeks since the show has been aired. But I agree it was disturbing for me to watch Snooki getting punched in the face like how Pauly D punched that guy in Bamboo for pushing Vinny. Honestly this is a wise move for MTV to delete the scene for it can lessen the fuel from the fire that they have generated from many Italain-Americans across the country


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