Is This What My Weekend Comes Down To?!

12 Dec

Well like I said its finals week and I’m here spending my Saturday night in Panera studying for my finals and writing my one last paper of the semester. Right now its raining cats and dogs outside and they are playing one of my favorite jazz songs from my favorite jazz album Dave Brubeck’s Take Five  and the song, “Blue Rondo  A La Turk.” Its by far the best combination of blues/jazz and classical in one song. The transition from classical to jazz is so smooth and effortlessly.

Quick Fun Fact: The reason why that Dave Brubeck named the piece “Blue Rondo A La Turk” because its named after Mozart’s piece and idea called “Rondo A La Turk”. Instead of writing the same verse over and over again, Mozart would have a note “Rondo A La Turk” meaning to go back from the top of the verse.  So Dave Brubeck named his piece “Blue Rondo A La Turk” because it is the blues version of it.



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