Damn Tiger

12 Dec

Okay I changed my mind about the whole Tiger Woods affairs. As you all remembered I wrote about how I didn’t get why people are making a big deal about the whole Tiger situation well….now I get why. Everyday the news gets worst and worst, honestly I don’t know how the guy can bounce back from this because this is by far the BIGGEST scandal in sports history as far as I know. First it was reported that Tiger that up to 10 mistresses; NOW its 13! What’s worst is that he had sexual intercourse with some of them in his Florida home and he did NOT put on a condom!!!! I can see why his wife beat his ass, as she should because I would too. It is one thing to have an affair but to bring them in your own home in the bed that you and wife share PLUS you did not use protection!!!! That right there is a non-verbal slap of disrespect. What is also a slap in the face is that Tiger even paid for cosmetic surgery for one of his mistresses. The night when he was admitted to the hospital was because he overdosed on Ambien and Vicodin it was reported that he had trouble breathing and had to use a breathing tube to help him breath. There might be even a sex tape and photos it is obvious that the guy is not really slick.

Wondering how the hell he got away with this for sooo long? It is so damn stragetic it’s like all that cheating was not even worth it. I mean the guy had to change his number four times!!!

What about all his endorsements you say? Well marketers are pulling him out of their ads like burnt pizza and Gatorade dropped Tiger Woods Drinks, yea that’s got to hurt. He is now denied the Congressional Award due to all the hot mess that came out of his Pandora’s box.

You know, I never liked Tiger from the beginning because there was something about him that didn’t quit curl to me and now I know why. And I bet there would be more to come with that hot mess.

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