Sooo…The Word “Guido” Is A Positive Thing?

9 Dec

Last Thursday MTV premiered their new show Jersey Shore. Some say it is The Real World mixed with The Hills. I disagree, there is nothing fake about this show. I mean your dealing with real East Coast people here, they don’t fake anything. The show is more of a continues episode of the other two Jersey Shore House episode that they showed in True Life. I hate to admit I actually liked it and the sad part is I actually like “The Situation”. It is rare to find a loveable cocky meathead and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is one of them. How genius was he to easily make those girls get a costumed “I Love The Situation” bootyshorts? And they were all in hot pink!

Recently Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was interviewed by and something he said just did not quite curl to me.

“The older generation doesn’t understand. These days in New York and New Jersey a ‘guido’ is a good-looking Italian male that likes to have fun and a ‘guidette’ is a good-looking Italian girl,”

I remembered when I dated a guy from New York from way back, he introduced me to the word “guido” and of course one would ask what does “guido” mean? Well the etymology of the word might derive from the proper name Guido which is given name of Italian origin, but when used in slang it is perceive as a racial slur, considered derogatory, or an ethnic slur. Originally MTV was going to name the show Guido Beach. Yeah, this is the segment that does not quite curl to me. Why, you say?

Well “guido” is a racial slur that the new generations of that culture and  turned it in to a positive. Which is parallel to the free usage of the  “n-word”. The older generation feel it is not appropriate because it is embracing ignorance and people fought so hard for their rights so that their children do not have to endure the racial slurs that they endured everyday during their time.


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