Smile For Me

4 Dec

According to the Hindustan Times, Victoria Beckham is contemplating whether to have plastic surgery done on her lips and teeth. A source revealed that Victoria stated to her friends that her lips disappear when she smiles.

Honestly my favorite pictures of Victoria is her smiling. But her insecurity with her teeth and lips all makes sense is to why she always  semi covers her mouth every time she smiles or laughs. This whole time I just thought it was a cute little habit she just does. I know Victoria Beckham has insecurities but it is almost beginning to annoy me just like any insecure woman would do.

Why would insecure women annoy me you say. Well the reason why is because they are always a downer in every given situation and their worries focus on the most stupidest part of the body. And you know their main source of their anxiety is trying to please a man. Ladies if you have to undergo plastic surgery to impress a man; just forget it because if he did not like the way you look from the beginning and all of the sudden he is crazy for you after you change a certain anatomy. He is not liking you for the good reasons. Look at your “imperfections” as a great way of process of elimination. You can narrow down a guy that is perfect for you more faster than a woman with a “perfect” body. As for the ladies that are already married that want to undergo plastic surgery, you already have a man who adores you and married you before you had all that work done. If you need to look like Barbie to save your marriage, you know there is something wrong with that picture. The relationship focused more on the materialistic and less on the soul of one another.


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