Burger Lounge

4 Dec


After taking Environmental Health (EOH) during my freshmen year in college I am more concern where my meat is coming from hence why I don’t eat in any fast food joint. When I mean I am concern where my food is coming from, I mean was the meat injected with hormones or antibiotics? Is the fruits and vegetables locally grown? Are these real french fries?

Which brings me to the introduction to the Burger Lounage. They serve free range beef  which makes their burgers nice and juicy. What also takes part of the nice juicy beefs that they use the methods of what the Japenese do to get that nice Kobe Beef taste. Which is the cow is living in a stress free environment. More importantly the Burger Lounge serves real fries and they make the best milkshakes, when I mean the best I mean they bring all the boys to the yard. I’m not really crazy about milkshakes but they are SO good especially their chocolate milkshake with the malts. And before I forget…they serve beer too!

Concern what the price range is? Here is the link to their website



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