Roma vs Basel…Victory!!!

3 Dec

Roma defeated Basel with a 2-1 victory in Stadio Olimpico. With Capitano Francesco Totti scoring the equalizer and with my man Mirko Vucinic scoring the winning goal in the 59th minute. I know that my boys were struggling this season, but I know that they will prevail once Spalleti is out. Don’t get me wrong the guy did a good job from 2005-2007 but when new players came along like Menez and Riise thats where it went down hill. Spalleti was still using the same set up on the pitch which obviously did not work because you cannot use the same set up when you have new players. 

And lets remember all the good players that we lost during Spalleti’s reign. Let’s go little bit down on the list: Mancini, Panucci, Ferrari, and Aquilani. Honestly let’s be real, he should have let go of some useless players like: Mexes (I do not know why girls crazy over him), Cassetti (now that’s a dead beat player that I find attractive), Brighi (I’m tired of hearing his agent talking about how he deserves to be in the Italian National Team, HA! Over my dead sexy body), and Esposito (I only seen this guy on the pitch only once and during his time on the pitch he didn’t do shit, nothing that fancy me thats for sure).


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