Be Beauty

2 Dec

If anyone that knows me, if I fall in love with a boutique or a beauty product I become their ride and die bitch; and it is for a reason. I have a great eye and I know excellent quality when I see it. 

My favorite boutique that had me at hello is Be Beauty. It is located at my favorite spot in San Diego; Little Italy. I remember when they first started in the beginning of this year they barely had anything but I knew that their going to be something special. Well I was right from day one, they are one of the fastest growing boutiques in San Diego. With two smart beautiful business women like Tara Manna and Juliana Rodrigues (Juju) running the show how can you possibly not succeed in this economy.

This boutique is every woman’s dream. You can get manicure and pedicure, spa treatment, and shop all at the same time. It is truly your one stop shop when you have that last-minute plans. Even when your stressed or hasty, when you enter the doors of Be Beauty you will be in peace. You can also host a soiree in their store.

If you’re wondering what their price range is don’t worry I got your back. Here is the beauty menu…tada!


One Response to “Be Beauty”

  1. Tara January 2, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    Mary! Thank you for the fabulous post! It is always so wonderful to see you when you come in! You have a good eye and a good sense – thank you for seeing the ‘something special’ in us!
    Ciao bella!

    Tara & Juju
    *Also, we are going to post your blog on the “happenings” portion of our website! Thank you!

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